GRA Moissanite Report

With your Moissanite purchase you will be happy to know that you will also receive an envelope containing the GRA (Global Gemological Research Association) Moissanite Report for your specific Moissanite. The GRA Moissanite Report provides documentation of the stone's characteristics and authenticity.

NOTE: The GRA Moissanite Report presented here is for illustration purposes only. You will receive a GRA Moissanite Report that provides information that is specific to the Moissanite jewelry you purchase.


GRA (Global Gemological Research Association) is an independent brand mark. GRA specializes in Moissanite and related jewelry. GRA provides reliable and accurate Moissanite and related technical services. GRA Quality reports are handled by an experienced professional team.

GRA adheres to technical standards and establishes a laboratory of enterprise standards. Equipped with advanced gemstone testing equipment, modern technology, tested gemstones, Moissanite grading, quality analysis, and an additional report verification service that allows you to instantly match your written report with an archive.


GRA product reports are for informational purposes and internal use only. GRA trademark owners all rights reserved.